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Challenging state-of-the-art separations

The UniSieve® solution enables high-precision separation at minimal energy required. UniSieve membranes manage to separate molecules based on a size-exclusion mechanism without the need for thermal energy. By applying UniSieve separation solutions, our clients save energy, reduce emissions, and increase product recovery.


UniSieve Ltd offers unique molecular sieving membranes adding a new dimension to the world of separation. UniSieve membranes are mechanically stable and flexible and can be integrated into standard membrane cartridges. The UniSieve platform technology allows for precise tuning of the membrane pore-size, making the technology available to a broad range of challenging applications.


Molecular sieving is a separation principle based on size exclusion. Smaller molecules can permeate the membrane fastly, while larger ones get retained. The UniSieve® technology offers a uniquely precise molecular cutoff. Compared to other membrane technology, UniSieve membranes can efficiently separate molecules that vary only by a fraction of angstroms in diameter (such as propylene from propane). Thereby, the smaller molecules (see red dots in Figure below) permeate the membrane while the larger molecules get retained. The precise molecular membrane cutoff is enabled by porous, crystalline molecular sieves that are integrated into the UniSieve membranes.  The UniSieve® technology allows for precise control and tuning of the pore size, enabling efficient separation of a broad range of molecules.

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