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Gas Separation
Liquid Separation
UniSieve Membrane Platform Technology
Olefin Paraffin
Separation of Hydrocarbons and Other Process Gasses

A substantial amount of the total global energy consumption is due to hydrocarbon purification processes. Olefin/paraffin (O/P) separation, used for propylene or ethylene purification, are amongst the most energy-demanding separation processes. UniSieve membrane add-on units enable highly efficient hydrocarbon purification by increasing process-energy savings, maximizing product recovery, and reducing process CO2 emissions. 

Application Examples:

  • Propylene purification (distillation colunmn hybrids / C3 splitter replacement)

  • Propylene recycling (flare gas, polypropylene reactors)

Biogas upgrading
Gasses: Hydrogen, Methane, Carbon dioxide

Biogas is produced from the decomposition of organic waste. Before biogas is fed into the gas grid it has to be upgraded. Regardless of the production scale and process of the biogas, its purification accounts for a major fraction of the product cost and overall energy-efficiency. 

UniSieve provides the latest membranes for making your biogas or biomethane even more sustainable. 


Applications Examples:

  • Biogas purification (methane purification)

  • Power-to-gas separation upgrade (hydrogen recycling, methane purification)

Separation of Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Noble Gasses and many more

The excellent versatility of molecular sieving membranes allows for advanced gas sensing. By low-pressure separation of gasses prior to sensors, the challenge of gas selectivity can be avoided. Poisoning can be reduced and sensor lifetime prolonged.

Space Application

By choosing the right molecular sieve and and a fitting polymer, efficient and durable membranes for specific liquid separations can be obtained. Possible applications of UniSieve membranes in the liquid-liquid separation area are in pervaporation, water treatment and organic solvent dehydration.  

Liquids: Water, Ethanol, Methanol, Various Organic Solvents
liquid-liquid separation
All kinds of fluids

UniSieve can tailor the pore size of the molecular sieving membranes in a very precise way. By modifying the crystals in the membrane, a variety of different compounds that differ in size can be separated. For more information, please contact us on and get feedback on your separation challenge.

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