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UniSieve Membrane Platform Technology
Chemical Separations
Separation of Hydrocarbons and Other Process Gasses

A substantial amount of the total global energy consumption is due to hydrocarbon purification processes. Olefin/paraffin (O/P) separation, used for propylene or ethylene purification, are amongst the most energy-demanding separation processes. UniSieve membrane add-on units enable highly efficient hydrocarbon purification by increasing process-energy savings, maximizing product recovery, and reducing process CO2 emissions. 

Application Examples:

  • Propylene purification (distillation colunmn hybrids / C3 splitter replacement)

  • Propylene recycling (flare gas, polypropylene reactors)

Carbon Capture

UniSieve provides point-source carbon capture solutions for a wide variety of applications. The modular solution provides a high degree of flexibility.

- Fully electrified solution

- No chemicals needed

- Simple operations


Applications Examples:

  • Waste-to-energy plants

  • Cement plants

  • Carbon capture from other flue gas

Enrgy Applicatios
Hydrogen, Biogas, and More

Energy carriers such as hydrogen or methane are transported and consumed in purified form. Purification accounts for a substantial share of the final product price and ecological footprint. UniSieve add-on units boost the separation performance of existing and newly built infrastructure.


Applications Examples:

  • Biogas purification (methane purification)

  • Hydrogen deblending

  • Power-to-gas separation upgrade (hydrogen recycling, methane purification)

Custom Separation

UniSieve can tailor the pore size of the molecular sieving membranes in a very precise way. By modifying the crystals in the membrane, a variety of different compounds that differ in size can be separated. For more information, please contact us on and get feedback on your separation challenge.

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