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🌐Carbon Capture: Meet "Trift"🌿

Dedicated to transforming heavy emitting industries, UniSieve achieves yet another breakthrough milestone in CO2 capture! 🏭💨 Our pilot plant, named after the Swiss glacier "Trift," has successfully extracted CO2 from a Swiss KVA. The waste incineration plant that converts waste to energy deployed UniSieve’s resilient membrane technology throughout 2023.

🔬 UniSieve membrane solution proved its reliability even under the demanding conditions of incineration plant exhaust. This milestone demonstrates that UniSieve's technology is an extremely viable option for CO2 capture in combustion processes.

💡 What sets us apart? UniSieve's membrane technology allows for the physical sieving of gas compositions at an industrial scale in a very simple, robust, and modular design. Our solution is fully electrified and avoids any dangerous handling of chemicals that produce toxic emissions. At the same time, our technology is more energy-efficient than the state of the art. An ideal prerequisite for the sequential liquefication of CO2, facilitating efficient transportation and/or storage.


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